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Nice Things

Extremely pleased and flattered to announce that the latest Podcasting 101 show features an interview with Mr. Delirium! The interview is conducted by the ebbulient Jason Ginger, AKA The Angry Ginger (from the 7 Days A Geek podcast).

A wonderful host, he makes several highly complimentary remarks about our pumble hodcast.

But be warned, short-attention-span-fans, [...]

Comedian/Writer Michele Wojciechowski

It was friend-of-InveDel Ann Quasman who first told us about Baltimore-based humorist Michele Wojciechowski back around Webisode 20 (The Woman).

“You’ve got to contact Michele,” Ann insisted, “she’s hilarious.”

I duly wrote the name down, but didn’t follow up, and time flew by.

A few months ago I checked out her stand-up comedy clips at [...]

Comedy Fourbears: Robert Klein

Robert Klein‘s standup comedy has bite. In my view, he’s an important and under-rated comedian on a par with his contemporaries (Carlin, Pyror).

Listening to his classic albums is like a window into a very turbulent time–the paranoid 70s. His blistering dissection of the Watergate scandal is a touchstone of modern political comedy, and his [...]

ID-70: Snob Appeal

Let there be truffles and finest champignon for all!

Dress up for a talk with a talented singer of expensive music (i.e., something called “opera“), and luxuriate in a brand-new feature: Paging Kevin Spacey! Plus, a new installment of our brand-new recycled science fiction adventure series: Stranded in the Future!

With our [...]

A Sketchy History: Part 3

My Standup Comedy Career Or, The Longest Five Minutes of my Life

Just after college, I began to frequent the Open Mics at a Greenwich Village folk club called The Speakeasy.

The Open Mic experience can be thrilling and humbling, sometimes at the same time. It’s a great place to woodshed, to try out new [...]

ID-64: Memorial Day REboot

Plunge deep into the archives with us for an exclusive excerpt from our very third show about an actual, factual military conflict involving very large birds, and thrill to Webisode 24-Q‘s overview of Summer Movies. Finally, it is your patriotical duty to enjoy a replay of the beloved National Mom sketch from Webisode 45. All [...]