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More Survey Pro Reviews

The cast of the FPCT's 10x10 show.

Mr Delirium is flattered and pleased by the kind words his short play “Survey Pro” (part of Fells Point Corner Theatre’s 10×10 Festival) has received from two theatre sites:

  • BroadwayWorld.com says Survey Pro is “a clever spoof” with “well-timed and witty” dialogue. In addition, reviewer Lori Weglein singles out actress Anne Shoemaker for her inspired work in Survey Pro and Andy Grigg’s delightful “The Litnus, The Treasure, The Grumpus, and Dave.”
  • DC Metro Theater Arts writer Amanda Gunther says Survey Pro Director Howard Berkowitz “sets the stage perfectly” and that the play is “one of the most enjoyable comic displays in the festival”.

Mind you, these two reviews had plenty of nice things to say about the other plays and cast members! Our congratulations to the fine cast and crew of the 10×10 . . the production is still running, but this is the last weekend! Go, now!

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