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InveDel-82: The Podcast Goeth


The Inverse Delirium is shutting down.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us, whether listener or guest. It was wonderful to share some chuckles with you.

Special thanks to the Amazing Betty for all her help and support.

And final thanks to Marc Hershon, for announcing our timely demise on Succotash, and for convincing me to say goodbye in person.  

Fare well. 

love, gw

Fourth Anniversary


Greetings, belated Listener,

First, let me say Thank You for Listening!

These thanks emanate from the bottom of my foot, travel upwards (against the flow of gravity, yet!) through my veins and articles, finally pooling in and around my brain.

Really. Thanks very much for joining us.

Four years. Wow.

Second, there’s a reason for the late arrival of our 82nd webisode . . . for the first time ever, I held up a show in hopes of a specific guest’s appearance. Which didn’t, in the end, work out.


There have been occasions when I’ve gone back and forth with a prospective guest who said yes but then never came through. That’s one of the realities of booking guests, and every show goes through it. It happens.

Even when I pitched a particular guest for a time-sensitive sketch (like Scott Aukerman for our “It’s a Wunnerful Life” holiday sketch), when it didn’t happen, I simply recast the part . . . and still hope Scott A might appear someday.

But this time, a guest appearance by one of my favorite rock groups of all time, The Zombies (featuring Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent), was in the offing. They’re in the midst of an American tour, and when I pitched a sketch idea, their management was immediately on board, just needed to check with the tour manager . .

. . so I waited, thinking this would be a great special treat for the 4th Anniversary show. And last week it became clear that their schedule was just too packed. Not their fault at all, the management said they were sorry about it, just one of those things. It happens.

So . . please accept this rare first-person-singular apology. And please hang in there for another week or so while I assemble the (slightly revised) Anniversary show. Coming soon to ears near you!

Best fishes, gw

Hear our Second Anniversary Show!

We continue our month-long look back at the history of our pumble hodcast.
This time up, it’s time for the Second Anniversary Show to fill some time!

Second Anniversary Show

2ndAnniversaryOur Second Anniversary show celebrates the charm of North Baltimore’s Govans neighborhood with a parade, and you won’t believe the many gratuitous name-drops of Baltimore fixtures like: the Music Workshop, the Senator Theater, the Adam & Eve Hair SalonWYPR, the BSO, and the Wendy’s at Bellona/York.

With our special guests:

Graphic from this blog.

Hear our Third Anniversary Show

fourthbirthdayAs we scotch-tape together our Fourth Anniversary show (which is, admittedly, taking longer than expected), here’s a chance to hear our previous birthday show, featuring comedians Wendy Liebman and Tom Shillue!


ID-62: Third Anniversary!

number-three-green-square-rounded-edge-mdWe present a comical impersonation of This American Life, a new Science Friction Adventure series, and give a  behind-the-scenes look at how we maintain our Clean rating with the Bleeptron system upgrade.

With our Special Anniversary Guests:

With extra extra thanks to Erica Palgon for her casting help.

Four Years Old

The Inverse Delirium debuted four years ago this month. fourthbirthday

Thanks so much for listening! 

Have a listen to the original, the first, the show that started it all:

Webisode 1: The Podcast Cometh! 

In which we introduce ourselves (and our habit of referring to ourselves in the first-person plural) and hear from our reporter, Charles Paintakingsley, on the social habits of the Atlantic walrus.

Also, a trailer for a new horror movie (The Chapel) and your Letters.

Keep in mind, there are no guest stars in this one (that started later), just Mr Delirium in all his pitch-shifting glory!

More Sea Creatures!

Tipped off by RadioLab (imagine that!) to Microworlds Photography, a wonderful photography site by Daniel Stoupin, an Australian marine biologist.


These photos are just two colorful examples of his work, it’s worth a looky!


Plus, see a wonderful little video about coral . . . . lovely slow-motion footage!