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If you have wanted to sit down with us and ask us anything about our careers, now is your chance! Nothing is off limits. If you plan on attending, please bring any questions you may have. We are always looking to help as many people as possible. It is the ultimate joy for myself and the rest of the crew to put smiles on other people’s faces. So when we’re able to do these types of things and help others, it couldn’t make us happier. What I am trying to get at is whether your question is about our salary or what our daily routine is like, we will be happy to help and answer of your questions.

The ultimate goal of our conferences is to help others become successful. We all have been at the bottom of the ladder and tried to work our way up. It takes a lot of time and a lot commitment in order to climb up that ladder. When we started off, we weren’t lucky enough to get guidance or help along the way. This is why we truly believe that this is going to be beneficial to a lot of you. These live conference tours are not something we plan on doing as regularly as this year, so make sure to get your ticket and attend. The value you will get will help you tremendously.

We are kicking off our US tour starting next week. We’ll be stopping in Chicago first, then moving throughout the Midwest to: Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. The final stop will be the sun-shine state, California. Dates are not yet set for all of the locations, so please make sure to check back as we are still looking for conference rooms that are available for rent.

To start, we will be booking a banquet hall in Chicago on May 21, 2015 for a live conference. Please join us at European Crystal Banquet for laughs, plenty of information, and of course food! Food will be served from their lunch menu and includes a wide variety of meats, pastas, and more. Vegetarian options will also be available at the event.

There will be no liquor served at this event. You are free to bring your children but please keep an eye on them as this event is mainly for adults.

Please click here for directions.

In this era, are tattoos fashionable? It seems like everyone has one these days. If you watch an NBA game, you’ll probably see over half of the players on the court with a tattoo. Do you ever wonder what you would like with a tattoo? Some people take the leap without thinking twice, while others are weary of the idea of having permanent ink on their body for the rest of their lives (unless opting for expensive tattoo removal procedures). Supermodel and actress Cara Delevigne decided to surprise us all yesterday at the 2015 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; she attended the event with her body covered in Chinese-inspired tattoos!

Here’s the kicker, the tattoos were fake! They were done by professional tattoo artist, Rob Goodkind, of Goodkind Tattoo. They looked so real that she was able to fool everyone at the event. Her chest, arm, and parts of her neck were all covered with body art, as seen in the picture below:


Rob did such an amazing job and the idea fit perfectly as the event was at the Metro Museum of Art. It was truly beautiful artwork and you could not do anything but admire it. The great part is, if you were interested in something similar, its way cheaper than a real tattoo. If someone were to come into a tattoo shop and get what Cara did, they would have to pay upwards of $9,000.00 for all of the tattoos. With the weekly permanent ink, that is drawn on (no needles!), the cost is roughly $700.00. That is about 77% cheaper than the full cost. So it’s really a win/win situation. It’s cheaper, and it’s not permanent, so you can simply use it for fashion and then a week later, it will come right off. It doesn’t get better than that.

With all of that said, this brought up an interesting conversation amongst us this morning, do you think removable tattoos are going to be a trend now? This is probably the first big name celebrity to come to a red carpet event with removable tattoos, and received positive feedback from critics and attendees. However, what if they were real? How would people react? These are all debatable questions that we won’t have the answer to unless a clean cut actress (like Ms. Delevingne) takes the plunge and gets real tattoos. Only then will we find the real reaction from the public.

You can check out more of Rob’s artwork here.


A key for being a good entertainer is confidence. Confidence: trust in yourself, your abilities and content. Sounds simple, but, how many people do you know that have a lot of confidence in themselves? Not really that many right? We all second guess our decisions on a day to day basis. We strategically think about our options and most of the time come up with a plan B, and C and D.

Then, we have that one ‘go to’ person that always seems to have the right solution…never doubts himself and has great advice. And, if they are wrong, they take it in stride and just moves on with their life easily….confidence. If this is you, lucky you! It’s a rare characteristic that you should hone into.

Entertainers are very creative people who come up with one-liners and comments with ease. Their mind works quickly in all circles of conversations in groups that they know and strangers. Actually, entertainers know no strangers. They feel comfortable speaking to anyone about anything, whether they’re knowledgeable or not on the topic at hand. A good entertainer makes people feel wanted and helps keep the conversation flowing with a positive, fun twist, even if the subject is controversial. Everyone wants their opinions heard and accepted, but, as we all know, opinions are personal with objectives. Entertainers know how to make light of people’s opinions with witty, non-confrontational expressions. It’s a gift to see how conversations are going and steer them in the right direction.

When you can keep the discussion interesting and civil as each person adds their two-cents, it’s called adaptability. Ever been to a party where a discussion is a little heated one moment and then laughing the next? It’s quite possible that the person who turned it all around has the adaptability trait and it just comes natural to them to turn a bad situation into a happy one. We should all try to practice this in our daily lives. A good entertainer has this quality and uses it frequently to ensure his continued good reputation.

A good entertainer doesn’t mean you have to literally be up on the stage in front of an audience. You may have even thought to yourself about a certain person you know, ‘that person could be a great entertainer’. They are good listeners and know when to add their comments and when to slightly turn the conversation to something else. They include each person in an individual way, not putting them ‘on the spot’ but easing them into the conversation with respect. They like everyone and appreciates each opportunity to speak with interesting people and tries to get to know them better. To them, their opinions don’t matter much in conversations, as they know they shouldn’t try to convince or persuade others to think and feel as they do, they make it all about you and respectfully consider what you have to say.

Being a good entertainer takes practice, and more practice. They listen and adapt, always keeping in the back of their mind not to judge or dismiss another persons’ feelings.

You could be a good entertainer if you’re confident, creative and adaptable. And, everyone will want you to be at their event!

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank all of the fans of Inverse Delirium who have been asking us to come back. With your help and support, we’ve been able to come back and be stronger than ever. Our staff is larger, and our podcasts are going to be much better than they ever were.

If you have any questions for us, toss them in the contact form.