How Your Physical Appearance Effects Your Tattoo

When a person first gets a tattoo, it looks great. They have it placed in just the right spot and want people’s attention to be on the tattoo. In the future, this may change. As a person gains weight of even muscle mass, the appearance of the tattoo may change, and this may not always be a good thing.

Tattoos and Weight Gain

When a person gains weight, the skin will stretch. Since a tattoo is imprinted on the skin, it will stretch out with weight gain. If a person only gains a couple of pounds, there will not be much of a difference in the appearance of the tattoo. If a person gains a significant amount of weight, then the tattoo will be altered and can have a distorted appearance.

After Image of Tattoo With Stretch MarksStretch Marks and Tattoos

When a person starts to develop stretch marks, this can be more harmful to the tattoo than simply gaining weight. Stretch marks change the texture of the skin and will cause dimples, wrinkles, and even puckers. If the tattoo is placed in an area will stretch marks are common it can be distorted. There is hope for people that have stretch marks, however. A tattoo that is large enough and done by a skilled artist can cover the appearance of stretch marks. The shape and the design will also be an important factor in covering stretch marks. The damage cause to the tattoo by stretch marks is often not able to be reversed.

before and after of tattoo

Muscle Mass Gain and Tattoos

As a person gains muscle mass, they may worry about the appearance of their tattoos. If a person is looking to tone their muscles and plans on working out the overall shape and appearance of the tattoo should not change much. If a person wants to get serious into bodybuilding and heavy lifting this may be a problem for the tattoo. If a large amount of muscle mass is gained, the muscles will begin to bulge. This is not a good look for a tattoo. The tattoo can begin to look distorted. If a person is thinking about gaining a large amount of muscle mass, they should wait until they reach their desired size before getting a tattoo in this area.

Tattoo Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Weight Gain and Tattoos

When a woman gets pregnant, the placement of the tattoo will determine if it is affected. If the tattoo is not in the middle of the body, it should not change the shape of size during pregnancy. If the tattoo is on the stomach or parts of the middle of the body, the tattoo may become distorted. Women tend to gain weight rapidly when they are pregnant which can affect the appearance of the tattoo.

Tattoos are permanent and many people like the tattoos that they have. While a tattoo looks great when a person first gets it done there are physical changes that can affect the appearance of the tattoo. Weight gain and the addition of muscle mass can change the shape and the appearance of a tattoo.

Be Unique, Get Tattoos That Stand Out

Over the course of my tattooing career, there were always some of my favorite that I liked doing on people. A lot of my clients wanted the general cross or name on their arm, back, or chest. However, every now and then, I would get a customer who really wanted to explore and do something awesome on their body. Some of my favorites were ones that were on harder to ink body parts because I felt that they were truly getting something unique. One time, one client walked in and wanted a picture of Tinkerbell on his back side of his hand. The tattoo ended up being one of the best I’ve done.

The point I am trying to make is, don’t try to be like everyone out there who is interested in getting a tattoo. There are a lot of cool designs and ideas that you can try out. If you pigeon hole yourself into one specific thing, then yaou’ll never stand out from the crowd. Don’t go into a local tattoo shop and ask for a cross or be that guy who tattoos the name of his girlfriend on their back. Be unique, be adventurous and get something that even the tattoo artist will remember for a lifetime.

Over the next few days, I will be going over some of my favorite tattoo designs and post pictures of them. This will help you get an idea of what you should think of doing for your next tattoo.